The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.04.100 can be found on our download server at as well as in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 11.04.100.

No Support for SSHv1

SSHv1 is no longer supported. Migration to SSHv2 is required, see Options.

deskMate Session Added

A new session type – deskMate session – has been added, see deskMate Session.

Bluetooth Tool Update

It is now possible to include unnamed Bluetooth devices in the search list. There is also support for Bluetooth devices that do not require coupling. See Using Bluetooth Tool.

Imprivata FUS Feature

With 11.04.100, we simplify the configuration of a well-known Imprivata feature called Fast User Switching (FUS). FUS basically will run a preconfigured Citrix session in the background
which is available all the time. See Imprivata.

Zoom Media Plugin (ZoomVDI) for Citrix

The Zoom Media Plugin (ZoomVDI) for Citrix is available; see VDI Solutions.

Teradici Client with H.264 Hardware Acceleration

The Teradici Client can be used with H.264 Hardware Acceleration; see How Can I Use H.264 Acceleration in a Teradici PCoIP Session?

Cisco Webex VDI Solution

A VDI solution for Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams is available for Citrix sessions; see Cisco.

Chromium Browser

The Chromium browser is integrated as an unsupported feature; see Chromium Browser Global and Chromium Sessions.

IGEL OS Creator (OSC): Feature Selection for Devices with Limited Storage Size

As IGEL OS 11.04. or higher require more than 2 GB, you have the possibility to deselect unneeded features to make IGEL OS fit on your device; see Installation Procedure.

DHCP Improvements

An IGEL OS device sends option 60 (vendor-class-identifier), which can be used for providing DHCP options within option 43 (vendor-encapsulated options); see Registering Devices Automatically on the IGEL UMS and Assigning a Structure Tag via DHCP Server

Local Login with Certificate on Smartcard

A method for local login at the endpoint device with a smartcard holding a certificate has been implemented; the pam_pkcs11 module is used for this solution. For instructions, see Local Login with Smartcard Certificate.