Menu path: Setup > Devices > Printers > ThinPrint > Connection Service

By default, the .print client waits for incoming connections from the print server. If the thin client is unavailable via the network from the print server, the connection can also be established from the thin client .

  • Connection Service ModeMode:
    • Listen Mode: Receive print jobs without Connection Service. The .print client heeds incoming connections.
    • Static Mode: Use connection to receive print jobs. The .print client establishes a connection to the .print Connected Gateway.
    • Both: Use both modes.
  • Connection Server Address: IP address of the computer on which the connection service runs.
  • Connection Service Port number: The client port of the .print Connected Gateway (default: 4001)
  • Client D: The ID of the client must be unique.
  • Connection Service Authentication key: A value that is defined on the connection server.
  • Connection Service Retry Interval: Waiting time in seconds until another connection attempt is made if the .print Connection Service is unavailable (default: 300)