Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Sessions > [Session Name] > Gateway

Here, you can specify custom gateway details for your RDP session.

  • Enable gateway support
    • Global setting: The settings from RDP Global > Gateway will be carried over.
    • Session setting: Here, you can configure custom settings. The entry options correspond to those under RDP Global > Gateway.
    • Off: No gateway support
  • Gateway address

    RD Gateway requires Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 or Server 2012 with various restrictions for each server version.

    The following Windows Server editions can preferably be used as gateway servers:
    Server 2012 Standard
    Server 2012 Datacenter
    Server 2012 Essential (restricted to the RD Gateway role)
    Server 2012R2 Standard
    Server 2012R2 Essential (restricted to the RD Gateway role)
    Server 2016
    Server 2019

    RD Gateway is not supported in the IGEL RDP Legacy Mode.
  • Use other credentials for RD Gateway authentication:

    ☑ Uses custom data that can be defined below rather than the session access data.

    • Gateway user name
    • Gateway password
    • Gateway domain