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HDX multimedia redirection improves the playback of audio and video content during a Citrix session.

Hardware acceleration for multimedia playback is available on specific devices.  For further information, see Hardware Video Acceleration on IGEL OS.

See also an overview and best-practice recommendations for the use of webcams under Webcam Redirection and Optimization.

Multimedia redirection

☑ Multimedia data are sent to the device and decoded there. (Default)

☐ Multimedia data are decoded on the server.

HDX RealTime Webcam redirection

☑ Redirection is enabled.

☐ Redirection is disabled. (Default)

Automatic HDX webcam configuration (IGEL OS 11.05.120 or higher)

☑  The endpoint device detects the characteristics of the webcam and derives 6 different quality levels from these characteristics. The user can choose a quality level with the Resolution grade parameter. 

☐  The webcam must be configured manually using HDX Webcam frame rate and the subsequent parameters. For information on how to determine the capabilities of the webcam, see Using Webcam Information.

Resolution grade (IGEL OS 11.05.120 or higher)
Possible options:

  • "Very low"
  • "Low"
  • "Normal"
  • "High"
  • "Very high"
  • "Best"

HDX Webcam frame rate: The frame rate that is requested from the webcam

HDX Webcam quality: The image quality requested from the webcam. Range: 1-63

HDX Webcam width: The image width requested from the webcam

HDX Webcam height: The image height requested from the webcam

HDX Webcam delay time: Time to wait before the webcam is opened, in milliseconds

HDX Webcam delay type
Possible options:

  • "0": No delay
  • "1": If the time interval since the last closing of the webcam is less than the defined delay time (HDX Webcam delay time), the delay length is the remaining time.
  • "2": The delay time is as defined by HDX Webcam delay time.

HDX RealTime Media Engine

☑ The HDX RealTime Media Engine is enabled and significantly improves the performance of Lync / Skype for Business. (Default)

☐ The HDX RealTime Media Engine is not used.

Browser content redirection

☑  The browser content is redirected from the server to the device, e.g. to relieve the load on the server.

☐  Browser content redirection is disabled. (Default)