• Integrated Zoom Media Plugin 5.4.53376.1029
  • Integrated Citrix Workspace App 20.12
    Available Citrix Workspace apps in this release: 20.12 (default), 20.10, and 19.12.
  • New Feature: App Protection [Experimental]. App Protection is an add-on feature that provides enhanced security when using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. The feature restricts the ability of clients to be compromised by keylogging and screen capturing malware

    ParameterCitrix App Protection
    Valueenabled / disabled
    Note:Experimental feature
    This feature is currently only available for Self-Service sessions.
  • Fixed Issue: mic and webcam devices can be redirected using Browser Content Redirection.

    ParameterEnables mic and webcam redirection using BCR
    Value[Factory default is "*"] [False][True]

VMware Horizon

  • Integrated Zoom Media Plugin 5.4.53376.1029
  • Updated VMware Horizon Client to version 5.5.0-16946361


  • Added Smartcard PIN passthrough in Firefox and Chromium. The PIN will be cached while logging on via Active Directory/Kerberos with a smartcard. In Firefox and Chromium, no further PIN input is necessary to use the smartcard.

    ParameterSmartcard PIN caching
    Valueenabled / disabled

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Integrated Cisco JVDI 12.9.3 client

Cisco Webex

  • Integrated Cisco Webex Meetings
  • Integrated Cisco Webex Teams


  • New session type RD Web Access.
  • Updated Evidian to version 1.5.7617.


  • Added parameter to control applying of sound volume to application's streams. If the parameter is set to "true", each application can set its own volume level. Otherwise, the sound volume is set to the same value as the default volume for output and input device respectively.

    Valueenabled / disabled