• Integrated Citrix Workspace App 2205.
    Available Citrix Workspace apps in this release: 2205 (default), 2203 and 2010
  • Added registry keys for Citrix Workspace app 2205:
    • Authentication enhancement for Storebrowse:

      ParameterDisable Authentication enhancement for Storebrowse
      Valuetrue / false

An authentication dialog is present inside Citrix Workspace app and the store details are displayed on the login screen. The authentication tokens are encrypted and stored so that it is not necessary to re-enter credentials when the system or session restarts.

    • Email-based auto-discovery of store:

      ParameterEmail-based auto-discovery of store
      Valuetrue / false

      Automatically discovers the store associated with the email address.

    • Feature Flag Management:

      ParameterFeature flag management
      Valuedisable / enable

      For the case an issue occurs with Citrix Workspace app in production, it is possible to disable an affected feature dynamically in Citrix Workspace app during runtime. For that feature flags and a third-party service called LaunchDarkly are used.


  • Improved reconnect/disconnect times with Imprivata and Horizon
  • Added parameter for inserting Citrix NetScaler cookie:

    ParameterNetScaler COOKIEINSERT

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Integrated Cisco JVDI client 14.1.1

Cisco Webex

  • Integrated Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI Plugin
    Available Webex Meetings Plugins in this release: (default),, and

Base system

  • Updated glibc to version 2.31-0ubuntu9.9 with memcpy improvements.
  • Updated IGEL EULA to version of 1st July 2022.


  • Updated rsUserAuth to version 1.5.8134

Remote Management

  • Added new generic UMS job to update HP G5 USB-C docking stations.

    ParameterThe path to the firmware file on the device
    ParameterWhether the update should proceed even if the provided firmware is older than the current one on the Dock.
    Valueenabled / disabled