As administrator, you prepare the setup for the user. If you want to give the user the option of defining their own settings in certain areas of the setup, you can prepare a quick setup. A quick setup is a slimmed down version of the setup. It only displays areas the user is allowed to change.

To create a quick setup session, proceed as follows:

  1. Enable the password for the administrator in IGEL Setup under Security > Password.

    If users are to be allowed to edit parts of the setup only with a password, enable the password for the setup user too.
  2. Under Accessories > Quick Settings, define the name and options for calling up the quick setup.
  3. Under Accessories > Quick Settings > Page Authorizations, enable those areas to which the user is to have access.

    You can set up a hotkey to start quick setup in appliance mode. Instructions for setting up the hotkey can be found under Quick Settings.