RD Web Access

  • Fixed virtual channel plugins in RD Web Access sessions: PhilipsSpeechdeviceTRUST, Diktamen, Grundig, Lakeside, and Olympus.


  • Fixed Imprivata data partition not fully populated/created.
  • Fixed FUS password not being accepted.

CUPS Printing

  • Fixed support for usb-to-parallel adapters

Base system

  • Fixed sporadic firmware downgrade issues from 11.07 to 11.05.


  • Fixed special characters in custom_text.

Storage Devices

  • Added parameter for Mobile Device Access USB to ignore exposed PTP interface:

    ParameterDon't query the PTP interface
    Valueenabled / disabled

X11 system

  • Added new registry key to fix issues with DP MST handling:

    ParameterUse new DP MST connector setup name handling.
    TooltipUse this if you have issues with not getting all displays configured.
    Valueenabled / disabled

Window manager

  • Fixed random restart of the panel when dragging around taskbar items.