• Fixed MS-Teams video color issues for remote video feeds and screenshares.
  • Optimized h.264 encoder settings for MS-Teams VDI calls.
  • Added a registry parameter to change the x264enc speed-preset property used for MS-Teams VDI:

    Value[none] [ultrafast] [superfast] [veryfast] [faster] [fast]
    [medium] [slow] [slower] [veryslow] [placebo]
  • Removed smartcard option until smartcard support is stabilized. Smartcard redirection can still be enabled by setting sessions.wvd%.options.cmd_ext = --smartcard


  • Fixed RDP sessions not starting on configured monitor.
  • Fixed RDP sessions no longer starting on multiple monitors when using different resolutions.
  • Fixed cursor position not updated correctly in RDP sessions.


  • Fixed browser startup behavior if multiple browser sessions are started. As example, different autostarted browser sessions on different monitors.
    For that browser's remote interface is required to start the next session which takes time on slow endpoints.
    A configurable timeout is implemented:

    ParameterTimeout for starting next browser session
  • Fixed usage of more than one Firefox session. This was prevented by app-armor lacking an additional exception for Firefox 102 ESR.

  • Fixed handling of ica files - required to start Citrix sessions (restored former behavior).

  • Fixed typo in browser start script which could corrupt URL in some cases.


  • Fixed: Set third-party r8125 as the default driver on Lenovo L14 Gen 3 (Intel-based)
  • Added new registry key to prefer third-party r8125 over r8169 network driver.

    ParameterUse thirdparty r8125 kernel module.
    Range[Auto] [Yes] [No]
  • Fixed tray icon for Fibocom L860-GL-16 LTE Module
  • SCEP:
    • Fixed SCEP via proxy
    • Added separator definition to use if multiple values of distinguished name attributes are desired, e.g. multiple organizational units. The separator also affects organization, state, locality, and potentially more in the future.

      ParameterName separator


  • Fixed: Wi-Fi IP setting changes become effective immediately now.

Base System

  • Fixed serial port support for TSharc touch devices.
  • Added new registry key:

    ParameterSet serial interface for TSharc touch (None for USB device).
    Range[None] [COM1] [COM2] [COM3 ][COM4] [COM1 (USB)] [COM2 (USB)]
  • Fixed missing node actions for changing Device Encryption settings

  • Disabled suspend support on Intel-based Lenovo L14 Gen 3 as it does not work currently.

  • Fixed handling of certificate files in PEM format which do not include a final newline character.

Custom Partition

  • Fixed: Creating or updating a custom partition is decoupled from the partition's mounting so that the creating process doesn't interrupt the boot process and runs in the background now. This fixes problems with premature abort while creating the custom partition by a timeout during boot.

X11 System

  • Fixed out-of-range issue for NEC EA223WM monitors.
  • Added quirk for DisplayLink leads to long Xorg start on boot.
  • Added new registry key x.xserver0.quirks.displaylink_crash_workaround

    ParameterQuirk to fix issues with Xorg start take ages with DisplayLink connected.
    Valueenabled / disabled

VNC Viewer

  • Added VNC viewer parameter to control if current or all monitors are used when switching to full-screen mode.

    ParameterUse all monitors in full-screen mode
    Valuedisabled / enabled

Remote Management

  • IGEL remote management reacts now on every change among the all available network interfaces in the running IGEL OS. So if a network interface becomes online or offline, then the remote management tries to connect the UMS or the ICG server.