• Updated Firefox to version 91.9.1
    Fixes critical CVEs as below:
    CVE-2022-1802: Prototype pollution in Top-Level Await implementation
    CVE-2022-1529: Untrusted input used in JavaScript object indexing, leading to prototype pollution


  • Fixed Chromium browser security issues:
    CVE-2022-1876, CVE-2022-1875,
    CVE-2022-1874, CVE-2022-1873, CVE-2022-1872, CVE-2022-1871, CVE-2022-1870,
    CVE-2022-1869, CVE-2022-1868, CVE-2022-1867, CVE-2022-1866, CVE-2022-1865,
    CVE-2022-1864, CVE-2022-1863, CVE-2022-1862, CVE-2022-1861, CVE-2022-1860,
    CVE-2022-1859, CVE-2022-1858, CVE-2022-1857, CVE-2022-1856, CVE-2022-1855,
    CVE-2022-1854, and CVE-2022-1853
  • Updated to Chromium version 102.0.5005.61.