On IGEL Linux, in a dual view configuration, the following problem occurs: If a monitor connected via DisplayPort is only switched on after booting the device, it will remain black.


The DisplayPort standard allows for a powered-off monitor to be undetectable by the graphics card.


The following checks whether a monitor contained in the configuration is missing (i.e. powered off) and makes it usable as soon as it appears (i.e. is powered on):

  1. If you are using IGEL Linux 5, make sure you are running version 5.10.410 or newer.
    If you are using IGEL Linux 10 you do not need to upgrade.
  2. In Setup, go to System > Registry > Parameter > session.user_display%.options.enhanced_hotplug
  3. Make sure the parameter is set to true (default).
There is another setting you can use if you do not want IGEL Linux to change the display settings every time a DisplayPort monitor is switched on/off:
  • Go to System > Registry > Parameter > sessions.user_display%.options.disable_hotplug
  • Set it to DP_Disconnect_Only.