The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.05.100 can be found on our download server at as well as in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 11.05.100.

Imprivata: Common Possible Values for FUS Username Added

There are now prefilled options for Sessions > Appliance Mode > Imprivata > FUS user, see Imprivata.

Imprivata: Grid Theme for Organizing Citrix Apps Added

The grid theme feature can now be activated with the option PIE application launcher for Citrix under Sessions > Appliance Mode > Imprivata, see Imprivata.

WVD: Registry Key for Overwriting the Preset Domain Added

A preset domain name, configured for the automatic connection to the WVD session, can now be overwritten with the other domain entered by the user if a corresponding registry key is enabled. See Logon.

WVD: Registry Key for Prompting for Password upon Each Session Connection

There is now a registry key that allows to always prompt for a user name and password or only for a password when connecting to a WVD session. See Logon.

WVD/Fabulatech: USB Redirection, Scanner Redirection, and Webcam Redirection

Fabulatech USB Redirection, Fabulatech Scanner Redirection, and Fabulatech Webcam Redirection is now available for WVD sessions; see Fabulatech and Plugins.

WVD: Zoom VDI Media Plugin

The Zoom VDI Media Plugin is supported for WVD sessions now; see Plugins.

WVD: ezeep Cloud Printing Added

In the WVD session, you can now print with ezeep. See ezeep by ThinPrint.

Citrix: Ability to Have Two Different Desktop Sessions on Two Different Monitors (Screen Pinning)

You can run multiple Citrix desktop sessions simultaneously on different monitors. For details, see Window, "Screen Pinning".

Font Color of Desktop Icons Can Be Customized

You can change the font color of the desktop icons. For instructions, see How to Change the Font Color of the Desktop Icons.

DriveLock Added

DriveLock can now be configured. For details, see DriveLock.