In general, IGEL OS works independently of the Unified Management Suite (UMS). This includes, for instance, all remote desktop clients like Citrix, RDP, or VMware Horizon, and browsers.

Any configuration changes that are made via the UMS are stored on the device and thus remain stable when the UMS is down.

However, the Shared Workplace (SWP) feature and administration functions are affected by a UMS outage. 

The following sections list the details.

Productivity Features That Are Affected If the UMS Is Down

Administration Functions That Are Affected If the UMS Is Down

  • Configuration changes
  • License Management
  • Secure Shadowing
  • Secure Terminal
  • Universal Firmware Update
  • Firmware Customizations
  • Transfer of files to the device, including Custom Partitions
  • Remote commands, such as Wake-on-LAN or restart