Please note that Chromium is an experimental feature. Full support cannot be provided yet.

Menu path: Sessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Global > Window

In this area, you can define the window settings for a Chromium session.

Enable kiosk mode

☑  Chromium starts in kiosk mode.

☐  Chromium starts in normal mode.

Start maximized

☑  Chromium starts in a maximized window.

☐  Chromium starts in a window with default size.

Chromium translation: Changes the default language when Chromium offers to translate a web page.

File access

☑  Chromium can access local files on the endpoint device.

☐  Local files cannot be accessed by Chromium. 

Block Chromium settings

☑  The settings menu of Chromium can not be accessed by the user.

☐  The user can access the settings menu.