Depending on the features that are in use now or will be used in the future, a specific set of parameters must be set in the device's Setup.

  1. In the Setup, go to System > Firmware Update > OS 11 Upgrade.
  2. Make your settings as appropriate:
    • Activate Upgrade to OS 11.

      When Upgrade to OS 11 is activated, the device checks for a Workspace Edition license and stops checking for a legacy UDC3 or UD Pocket license. Therefore, in the UMS, it is displayed as an unlicensed device until a Workspace Edition license has been deployed.

    • If you want the device to retry the upgrade immediately after a failed attempt, activate Upgrade to OS 11 even if a previous upgrade attempt failed. The device will retry the upgrade 5 times. When the 5th attempt has failed, a message will be shown in the upgrade tool window.

    • If your device has a PowerTerm license, and you want to upgrade to IGEL OS 11 even though it does not support PowerTerm, you must activate Upgrade to OS 11 even if PowerTerm is enabled.
    • Under Require an Enterprise Management Pack license to upgrade to OS 11, select the appropriate option:
      • If you are using IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) or Shared Workplace (SWP) or a Custom Partition and want to make sure that the upgrade is performed only if these features can be used furthermore, select Smart. When this option is selected, and any of these features is activated, the upgrade is performed only if the device could fetch a license from an Enterprise Management Pack.
      • If you want to force the device to fetch a license from an Enterprise Management Pack and make sure that the upgrade is performed only if the license could be fetched, select Always.
      • If you want the device to upgrade to IGEL OS 11 without fetching an Enterprise Management Pack, disregarding the features that might be activated, select Never.
    • Under Timeout waiting for OS 11 license to start automatic upgrade, set the time period the device will wait for a license in a mass deployment scenario (see Zero-Touch Deployment Using Universal Firmware Update, Zero-Touch Deployment Using Buddy Update and Mass Deployment Using a Scheduled Job). This setting prevents the device from starting the upgrade at an inappropriate time as a result of the license just being deployed. This way, the setting prevents unwanted interruptions at work. For a mass deployment scenario, the default value 10 Minutes is recommended.
  3. Click Apply.

When the Setup is adjusted, continue with Deploying a License.