No Downgrade from IGEL OS 11.03

It is not possible to downgrade from IGEL OS 11.03 or higher to any version before IGEL OS 11.03, except IGEL OS 11.02.200. This is because, from IGEL OS 11.03 onwards, the system partitions are signed to guarantee their integrity; it is not possible to change from a system with signed partitions to a system with unsigned partitions. IGEL OS 11.02.200 is a special variant of IGEL OS 11.02 that has signed system partitions. IGEL OS 11.02.200 is only available from the IGEL Support Team.

Basic Configuration

  1. In the Setup, go to System > Update > Buddy Update.
  2. Activate Enable Update Server.
  3. Enter the credentials User Name and Password.
  4. Specify the maximum number of Concurrent Logins allowed.
  5. Click Save to confirm the changes.
  6. Perform a complete firmware update on the server.
  7. Reboot the server.

    Whenever a buddy update server has received a firmware update, it needs to be rebooted before it can distribute the new firmware to other devices.

Configuration for Different Firmware Versions

This feature is available for the following versions of IGEL OS:

  • IGEL OS 10: 10.06.100 or higher
  • IGEL OS 11: 11.02.100 or higher

If you have an environment which requires two or more different firmware versions running simultaneously, you can use the buddy update method to provide each buddy update client device with the appropriate firmware version. A typical use case might be two groups of employees, of which one requires an older version of the browser, or an older version of the Citrix receiver, whereas the other group should get the newest version of IGEL OS. This is achieved by dividing both the clients and the servers into groups. To each group, a specific firmware version is assigned by first installing that version on the group's update servers. As an example, you can assign group 1 to IGEL OS 10.07.100, and group 2 to IGEL OS 10.08.100.

In the following description, the local Setup is used for simplicity reasons; however, in a productive environment, it is recommended to use profiles. For further information, see Profiles.

To assign a server to a group:

  1. Configure the server as described above (Basic Configuration), using the firmware that is to be assigned to this group.
  2. In the Setup, go to Registry > update > ftp > buddy_group_id.
  3. In the field Buddy Group ID, set the appropriate group id. Unsigned integers are allowed.
  4. Click Ok
  5. Reboot the device.
    The device will provide the firmware update for the group it is assigned to.

For client configuration, see Configuring the Buddy Update Client, "Configuration for Different Firmware Versions".