To provide the OSCW installer with the download source for the IGEL OS firmware files, we will create a profile that provides the path to those files.

The configuration comprises the following steps:

Creating a Profile

  1. In the structure tree of the UMS Console, go to Profiles and open New Profile in the context menu.
  2. In the New Profile dialog, change the settings as follows:
    • Profile Name: A name for the profile, e. g. "IGEL OS Creator for Windows - configuration"
    • Based on: Select "IGEL Unified Management Agent", e. g. "IGEL Unified Management Agent 1.01.100".
  3. Click Ok.

    The configuration dialog opens.
  4. Click Firmware.
    You are taken to System > OSC > Firmware where you can set all relevant parameters.
  5. Change the settings as follows (click the  icon to enable the configuration; the icon will change to ):
    • Download URL of IGEL OS Firmware: Enter https://[IP address of your UMS Server]:8443/ums_filetransfer/ or http://[IP address of your UMS Server]:9080/ums_filetransfer/
      Example: or
    • Username: Enter the username for the UMS.
    • Password: Enter the password for the UMS user.

  6. Click Save.

Assigning the Profile to the Target Machines

  1. Select the directory that contains your target machines and in the Assigned objects area, click .
  2. In the Assign objects dialog, select the profile you have created beforehand, click  to assign it and then click Ok.
  3. In the Update time dialog, select Now and click Ok.
  4. Confirm the Information dialog.

Check List

(tick) The conversion profile is assigned to all target machines.

Next Step

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