In IGEL OS, you can add an AppliDis session; for how to add a session, see AppliDis. In the Connection area, you can provide details of the server URL and connect type for logging in. If you use AppliDis SLB Linux in the connector mode, the name of the application that uses the connector can be specified here.

Menu path: Sessions > AppliDis > Connection

Server URL

Address of the AppliDis server or the administration server

HTTP/HTTPS service port

Protocol for communication with the AppliDis server

Possible options:

  • http
  • https

Connect type

Possible options:

  • Last option used
  • TS desktop
  • Virtual desktop
  • Session maker
  • VDI desktop

Forces the VDI desktop

Name of the desktop to be started, e.g.  Win10Test, TD-RD Desktop. This feature is active if "VDI desktop" is selected under Connect type.

AppliDis SLB connector mode

Name of the application which the connector uses if AppliDis SLB Linux is to be used in the connector mode.