Create a larger Custom Partiton so we can put all the Chromium package files into it.

  1. On the thin client, make sure that you have closed all Local Terminal windows.
  2. In UMS Console, navigate to your target thin client.
  3. In Assigned Objects, remove the Hello CP profile from this thin client.
  4. When prompted When should these changes take effect? select Now.
    The existing Custom Partition is deleted.
  5. Right-click the thin client and select Edit Configuration.
  6. In Setup go to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Partition > Partition.
  7. Check Enable Partition.
  8. Set the Size to 400M (Megabyte) to be on the safe side.
  9. Leave the Mount Point at /custom
  10. Click Save.
    The new Custom Partition is created.
  11. On the thin client, open a Local Terminal and log in as root
  12. Change into the Custom Partition: cd /custom
  13. Check the size of the Custom partition: df -h ./
    It should be roughly 400M - if it is still roughly 10M, close Local Terminal and use Setup to first disable and then re-create the Custom Partition again.
  14. Copy the complete chromium-browser/ directory with all its contents from the Debian/Ubuntu machine into the Custom Partition on the thin client.