The Custom Partition mechanism solves the task of supplying additional software or other files to IGEL OS while still being able to update the system in the regular way.

This tutorial describes creating content for a Custom Partition for IGEL OS 11.01.100 or newer. In the examples, IGEL OS 11.03.500 is used. You may also find it useful for updating existing Custom Partitions in order to make them work on IGEL OS 11.01.100 or newer, as some details have changed.

The IGEL Support Team offers support for the deployment of Custom Partitions. However, it is not possible to offer support for any third-party software that is installed on a Custom Partition.

If you want to build a Custom Partition and give it to third parties, make sure you have redistribution permission for the software. This is usually the case for Open Source / Free Software, but not for proprietary software. Read the license agreements and respect them.

This tutorial contains the following sections: