The boot process is aborted at an early stage; the error message is "Unknown filesystem. Couldn't find valid IGEL partition..."


  • IGEL OS (any version)


One or more system partitions could not be found or are not valid.


 Install IGEL OS anew on the device with IGEL OS Creator (OSC). For instructions, see the Installation chapter of the IGEL OS Creator Manual.

Preserve Your Settings

To prevent the device's settings from being deleted, ensure that Migrate Old Settings is activated in the installation settings; see Installation Procedure.

Data That Will Be Lost

When IGEL OS is installed anew, the following data will be lost:

  • All data on the writable partition /wfs
  • All data that has been stored in a Custom Partition since its deployment; Custom Partitions will be reset to their original state.

Licenses Will Be Lost

In this scenario, the licenses stored on the device will be lost. However, the licenses are cached in the UMS, so that they will be restored when the device registers with the UMS.