To ensure the integrity of your master image, it is recommended to create checksums and compare them between the original image and the images derived from it. This article describes how to create checksums for IGEL OS images that have been created using the IGEL OS Creator (OSC).


  • IGEL OS Creator (OSC) with IGEL OS 11.05.120 or higher


For IGEL OS images that have been created with IGEL OSC Creator (OSC), partition 4 of the main device must be checked with the checksum method.

In the following example, the main device is /dev/sda:

  1. Open a terminal on the device that contains the image. For more information, see Terminals.
  2. In the terminal, enter sha512sum /dev/sda4
    The result should look like this:
    7d5a25fac1756ef81ac78398d49db197904f60a0cf6594eac92071a5f6a8d6d4562fd3c8dc127cf22f89f6894000ca94918703c7143bfb11f1dd2ec052eaa52d /dev/sda4
  3. Repeat this process for all IGEL OS image copies you want to check and compare their checksums. If the checksums are identical, the images can be deployed.