Menu path: Setup > Network > Network Drives > NFS

In this area, you can integrate network drives using the Network File System (NFS).

You can find a sample configuration at the end of this page.

To manage the network drives, proceed as follows:
  • Click to create a new entry.
  • Click to remove the selected entry.
  • Click to edit the selected entry.
  • Click Kopieren to copy the selected entry.


  • Enabled: Here, you can enable and disable configured entries.

    ☑ The network drive will be integrated. (default)

  • Local Mount Point: The local directory under which the server directory is to be visible (default: /nfsmount)
  • Server: NFS server that exports the directory
    For Server, you can provide an IP address, a hostname or a Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
  • Directory name: Path under which the NFS server exports the directory

Sample configuration entry

The picture belows shows a sample configuration entry.

In both the Local Mount Point and Directory Name only / (Linux/Unix-style forward slash) is permitted as a path separator.