In this area, you can optimize the general behavior and performance for Citrix sessions in IGEL OS.

Menu path: Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Options

Use server redraw

☑ The Citrix server is responsible for refreshing the screen content.

☐ Do not use server redraw.*

Disable Windows alert sounds

☑ Switches off the Windows warning sounds.

☐ The warning sounds remain enabled.*

Backing store

☑ The X Server temporarily stores hidden window content.

☐ Window content is not stored.*

Deferred screen update mode

☑ Enables delayed updates from the local video buffer on the screen. The local video buffer is used if the seamless Windows mode or HDX latency reduction is used.

☐ No delayed update.*

Cache size in kB 

Default: 1024

Minimum bitmap size in bytes

The minimum size of the bitmap files that are to be stored in the cache. (Default: 1024)

Persistent cache path

The directory where the files are to be stored locally. (Default: $ICAROOT/cache)

Do not make the cache too big; otherwise, you run the risk of the device having too little storage space for its own system and other applications. You may have no alternative but to equip your device with additional RAM.

Scrolling control

Depending on the speed of your network or the response time of your server, there may be a delay between you letting go of the mouse button on a scroll bar and the scrolling actually stopping (e.g. when using Excel). Changing this value may help. (Default: 100)

Audio bandwidth limit in StoreFront sessions

  • High*
  • Medium
  • Low
Higher quality requires more network and computing resources.

Auto reconnect

☑ Automatically attempt to reconnect if the connection is terminated. *

☐ Do not attempt to reconnect.

Maximum retries

Default: 3

Delay in seconds before reconnecting

Default: 30

Allow Kerberos passthrough authentication in StoreFront sessions

☑ Kerberos passthrough authentication is allowed.*

☐ Kerberos passthrough authentication is not allowed.

This point concerns Citrix XenApp in Version 6.5 and older.

CGP address

  • Use server address
  • Text input
  • disabled*

Multistream sessions

☑ Support multistream ICA. 

☐ Do not support multistream ICA.*

* IGEL OS system default