Menu path: Sessions > Media Player > Media Player Global > Playback

Repeat mode

☑ The playlist will be repeated until the user stops playback.

☐ The playlist will be played back once only. (default)

Shuffle mode

☑ The playlist will be played back in a random order.

☐ The playlist will be played back in the set order. (default)

Show visual effects when an audio file is played

☑ Visual effects will be shown when playing back audio data.

☐ No visual effects will be shown. (default)

Type of visualization: The type of visual effects when playing back audio data
Possible values:

  • Monoscope
  • Goom!

Visualization size: The size of the visual effects shown

This parameter is effective only if gstreamer 0.10 is selected as the multimedia framework, which results in Totem being selected as the media player. With the default setting for IGEL OS 10.05 and higher (gstreamer 1.x in combination with Parole) the parameter is not effective.

The multimedia framework and media player can be changed in the Registry under System > Registry > multimedia > gstreamer > version (registry key: multimedia.gstreamer.version).

Possible values:

  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Extra large