• Fixed issue with Workspace app 2010: Screen flickering while running a video call or sharing the screen in Microsoft Teams.
  • Fixed Issue with Workspace app 2010: Microsoft Teams calls are now working with different keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed: Improved pcom parameter pcom.valid_return_codes%.returncodes to handle ranges a la 1..255 (see tooltip).


  • Fixed issues with D-Link DWA-131 WLAN dongle.

X11 system

  • Fixed a problem with display hotplug detection when the display switch is not used.
  • Fixed issues if 2 DisplayPort MST Hubs are connected behind each other.


  • WVD memory leak(s) fixed.
  • Switched back to the local login mask when the AAD login fails for whatever reason. At the moment, there is no error message shown. This will come in one of the next versions.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed post-session behavior for VMware Horizon sessions where some exit codes of the client were discarded and therefore did not trigger the post-session action.
  • Fixed Local Logon Window in that now we prevent it to get iconified because it always needs to be visible, especially in appliance mode where there is no panel to de-iconify it.

CID Key Agent

  • Update of CID Key Agent to version 6.5.0-1

Teradici PCoIP Client

  • Updated Teradici PCoIP client to version 20.10


  • Changed: Usage of r8168 as default network driver on Lenovo M75 Nano.
  • Added support for some newer Intel e1000e network cards.
  • Fixed logon by 802.1X authentication.
  • Fixed: Failing Ethernet connection does not delay online state reached by other means anymore.
  • Added registry keys for enabling/disabling sending of hostname in DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 requests.

    ParameterSend hostname in DHCP requests
    Range[Disabled][Network Manager default]
    ParameterSend hostname in DHCPv6 requests
    Range[Disabled][Network Manager default]
  • Added registry key for disabling Ethernet link reconfiguration by Network Manager.

    ParameterDisable NetworkManager link configuration
    Valuetrue / false
    NoteSetting this to "true" can be beneficial when 802.1X authentication is disturbed
    by link. It is currently set automatically when e1000e drivers are used.

Open VPN

  • Fixed segmentation fault if the nameserver is used. 
    Now it is allowed to use an empty password for the private key. Not needed to enter a password when the private key does not have one.

Base system

  • Fixed: The fluendo vadec update closed a memory leak with AMD devices using VAAPI acceleration.
  • Updated Fluendo multimedia codecs to the following versions:

  • Fixed possible USB issues with suspend/resume on IGEL M350C devices.
  • Fixed: Custom applications did not run while being offline even if they did not need network.


  • Fixed the ALSA Pulse PCM - a possible deadlock while writing audio data and closing Pulse PCM.
  • Fixed microphone issues with UD3-LX60 device.

Remote Management

  • Fixed sporadic failures while retrieving the Unit ID by the IGEL Remote Management agent.
  • Fixed sending the user logoff message to the UMS.


  • Updated eGTouch (eGalax) drivers and xorg configuration.
  • Fixing double tapping of desktop icons on touchscreen devices.

Window manager

  • Fixed desktop icons not being restricted to one monitor at all.