• Fixed Citrix Kerberos Passthrough authentication.
  • The parameter ica.module.virtualdrivers.vdwebrtc.keyboard_workaround has been removed. This workaround is no longer needed because the problem is solved as of CWA 20.10.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed failure to start Horizon serial port redirection service at boot time.
  • Fixed remember last user functionality in Horizon local logon.
  • Fixed VMware integrated printing.


  • Added new parameter to enable/disable dynamic drive mapping.

    Valueenabled / disabled
    RangeGlobal setting / on / off
  • Fixed login information not being set after reboot.

RD Web Access

  • Fixed RD Web Access login not working with user@domain.


  • Fixed proxy usage for WVD feed download.

Parallels Client

  • Fixed a bug with Parallels not working if the Parallels RAS omits the machine name in the application list.


  • Fixed error on restart.


  • Fixed usage of a pre-installed spellchecker in Firefox input fields.
  • Added TLS 1.3 to the range of "Maximum supported encryption protocol" from Sessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global > Encryption.

    ParameterMaximum supported encryption protocol
    Range[SSL3] [TLS 1.0] [TLS 1.1] [TLS 1.2] [TLS 1.3]


  • Fixed: Custom Chromium Policies datatypes now written in the correct way to policies.json.
  • Fixed browser and download history not being cleared.


  • Fixed a sporadic aborting of an application on closing ALSA Pulse PCM. The problem affects only applications using ALSA API directly like Citrix Workspace App.
  • Added debug output to the ALSA Pulse PCM which must be enabled by the environment variable ALSA_PULSE_PCM_DEBUG=1, the debug output is collected by the system logging facility (journalctl).
  • Fixed missing default setup device after reboot.


  • Fixed handling of CapsLock status in VNC server. Keyboard input now appears correctly, also if CapsLock is active on the client or server side. This especially fixes upper case 'umlaut' characters with Swiss and German keyboard layouts.


  • Fixed bug: SCEP failed when scep_getca received only a single certificate.

Base system

  • Fixed issue with early IGEL UD3-LX 60 (M350C) revisions that can lead to read error from MMC.
  • Fixed crash of IGEL monitoring agent.
  • Fixed possibility to add certificates to Chromium and Firefox which are given in DER format
  • The Options dialog keeps the settings that were previously set
  • Fix GtkMessage dialog localization.
  • Fixed: Shutdown delay when Post-session command is enabled.
  • Fixed remembering last user name with Active Directory/Kerberos logon. Before this fix, the user name could not be stored in the UMS to appear again after a reboot.

X11 system

  • Added registry key to solve an issue with buggy screens connected over a DP-to-DVI adapter (only works for Radeon devices like IGEL UD3-LX 50).

    ParameterFix issues with buggy monitors connected over DP-DVI adapter
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Updated Display Switch rotate buttons to usable size.
  • Fixed notifications not being hidden properly when in do-not-disturb mode.

Window manager

  • Fixed notifyd window width not remaining constant.
  • Fixed notification urgency critical background color.

OS Converter

  • Fixed language chooser in installations via Deployment Appliance.