Menu path: Sessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global > Restart

In this area, you can specify whether the browser automatically starts and whether it is automatically restarted after being closed and after what delay time.


☑ The browser automatically restarts if it was closed.

☐ The browser does not automatically restart if it was closed. (default)

Restart after idle time

☑ If no action on the part of the user has occurred after the idle time has elapsed, the browser will automatically be restarted.

☐ There will be no automatic restart after a specific idle time has elapsed. (default)

Idle time after which a restart occurs: Time interval after which the browser is automatically restarted if in the meantime no action on the part of the user has occurred. (default: 5)
The time unit can be selected under Unit.

Unit: Time interval for the idling time
Possible options:

  • Minutes
  • Seconds