You can use the IGEL UD Pocket with the Acer Chromebook C910. This requires installation of a BIOS extension which enables the device to boot into an alternative operating system.

The procedures described here have been tested with the Acer Chromebook C910; the procedures may differ for other Chromebook types.

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Enabling Your Device to Boot from UD Pocket

  1. Ensure that you have a WiFi connection; this is required for downloading the SeaBIOS extension.
  2. Boot into recovery mode by pressing [ESC] + (Refresh) + (Power) simultaneously.
    The recovery mode screen is shown, which states that the OS is broken.
  3. Press [Ctrl] + [D] to enter developer mode.
    The developer mode screen is shown, confirming that OS verification is off.
  4. Open a root-capable shell by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + (F2).
  5. Login as chronos; no password is required unless one has been set.
  6. Change to /tmp: cd /tmp.
  7. Download the ChromeOS firmware utility script: curl -LO
  8. Start the script with root permissions: sudo bash
  9. Enter 1 to select the first option.
  10. Enter y to confirm.
    The RW_Legacy firmware is downloaded to your device.
  11. When the download has completed, press [Enter].
  12. Enter r to reboot.
    The device reboots into developer mode.
  13. To boot from UD Pocket, press [Ctrl] + [L].

Booting from UD Pocket

  1. Ensure that the device is in developer mode. This should be the case if the device has been configured according to the procedures described above, and if since then no changes were made that have affected the developer mode.
  2. Press [Ctrl] + [L] to boot from UD Pocket.