Menu path: Setup > System > Time and Date

  • Timezone Continent/Area: Continent/Area for your location
    Possible values:
    • General: Under Location, you can select a time zone.
    • Africa... Pacific: Under Location, you can select a city for the selected continent/area.
  • Location: Select your location or time zone.

    Please note that the GMT time zones under Linux are usually in POSIX format. This means that you need to invert the actual time difference (e.g. for New York you select the zone "GMT+5" for "5 hours west of Greenwich” although the time in New York is actually 5 hours behind GMT). Defining the time zone by selecting a Continent and Location is therefore preferable.
  • Use NTP Time Server

    ☑ The system clock is set via NTP.

    ☐ The system clock is not set via NTP. (default)

  • Use NTP Time Server: IP or name of an NTP time server. If you would like to enter a list of NTP time servers for redundancy purposes, separate the servers with spaces.
  • Set time and date: Carries over the time and date and sets the hardware clock.

    You will find further information regarding the updating of time zone information (e.g. summer time adjustments) in the Updating Timezone Information (Daylight Saving Time, DST) FAQ.