Connecting the keyboard

Connect the keyboard to both the PS/2 port and the serial port of the thin client.

Firmware version 1.19 of the keyboard must be present and the keyboard must be in mode S1. Refer to



Cherry eHealth eGK/KVK software

Device/server connection:

COM port mapping

Configuring the device

In IGEL Setup, add the COM port device to which the keyboard is connected:

  1. Click Sessions > RDP > RDP Global > Mapping > COM Ports

  2. Click .
  3. Select a COM port device (COM1, COM2,... ).

Configuring the server

  1. Install the eGK-KVK software by Cherry.
    See also
  2. Start the program CT-API configuration.
  3. Select the appropriate port number for the G80-1502.