Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Desktop > Background > Custom Wallpaper Server

In this area, you can configure the download server for your own background images.

  • Use firmware update server location

    ☑ The same server and path configuration is used as for the firmware update.

    ☐ An own server location is used. (default)

  • Protocol: Determines the protocol that is to be used. The following are available to choose from:
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
    • FTP
    • SecureFTP
    • FTPS
    • File
  • Server Name: Name or IP address of the server used.
  • Server Path: Directory in which you saved the background image.
  • Port: Port used (default: 80)
  • User name: Name of the user account on the server
  • Password: Password for this account
  • Wallpaper update: Refreshes the background image.