According to the details provided by the vendor, the following Horizon Client features are supported with Horizon Client 5.4:

For details on the Horizon Clients that are built into your version of IGEL OS, see IGEL OS Release Notes > Notes for Release [your version] > Component Versions [your version].

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Client Appearance and Workflow

Customer brandingno
Kiosk modeyes
English localizationyes
Language localizationyes
Broker ConnectivityXML-API version15
SSL certificate verificationyes
Disclaimer dialogyes
Security Server compatibilityyes
UAG compatibilityyes
Multi-broker/Multi-site redirection - DaaSyes
Client infoyes
Broker Authentication

Password authenticationyes
Password changeyes
Certificate authenticationno
RSA authenticationyes
Integrated RSA SecurID token generatorno
Single Sign Onyes
Log in as current userno
Nested log in as current userno
Biometric authenticationno
Unauthentication accessyes
Smartcardx.509 certificate authentication (Smart Card)yes
CAC supportno
.Net supportyes
PIV supportyes
Java supportno
Purebred derived credentialsno
Desktop OperationsResetonly supported with VDI
Restartonly supported with VDI
Log offyes
Session Management (Blast Extreme & PCoIP)Switch desktopsyes
Multiple Connectionsyes
App Launch on Multiple end pointsyes
Auto-Retry 5+ minutesyes
Fullscreen modeyes
Fullscreen toolbaryes
Windowed modeyes
Time Zone Synchronizationyes
Jumplist integration (Windows 7-Windows 10)no
Client CustomizationCommand Line Optionsyes
URI Schemayes
Preference Fileyes
Non Interactive Modeyes
GPO-based customizationno
Protocols supported

Blast Extremeyes
   H.264 - HW decodeyes
   H.265 - HW decodeno
   Blast Codecyes
   JPEG / PNGyes
   Switch Encoderyes
   Blast Extreme Adaptive Transportationyes
RDP 8.x, 10.xyes
Protocol EnhancementsRDP-VC Bridgeyes
Session Enhancement SDKyes
Monitors / DisplaysDynamic Display Resizingyes
Multiple Monitor Supportyes
External Monitor Supportyes
Display Pivotyes
Multiple Aspect Ratio supportyes
Number of displays supported4
Maximum Resolution3840x2160
Video outyes
High DPI scalingonly supported with VDI
DPI Syncyes
Exclusive Modeno
Multiple Monitor Selectionyes
Input Device (Keyboard / Mouse)Relative mouseyes
External Mouse Supportyes
Local buffer text input boxno
Keyboard Mappingyes
Unicode Keyboard Supportno
International Keyboard Supportyes
Input Method local/remote switchingno
IME Syncyes
Clipboard Services

Clipboard Textyes
Clipboard Graphicsno
Clipboard memory size configurationyes
Drag and Drop textno
Drag and Drop imagesno
Client CachingView Agent to Client-side cachingyes
Connection ManagementBlast network recoveryyes
IPv6 translation with UAGno
IPv6 only network supportno
PCoIP IP roamingyes
High-Level Device Redirection

Serial (COM) Port Redirectionyes
Client Drive Redirection/File Transferyes
Scanner (TWAIN/WIA) Redirectionyes
x.509 Certificate (Smart Card)yes
Gyro Sensor Redirectionno
Real-Time Audio-VideoAnalog in (input)yes
Real-Time Audio-Videoyes
Multiple webcamsno
USB Redirection

Generic USB / HIDyes
Policy: ConnectUSBOnInsertonly supported with VDI
Policy: ConnectUSBOnStartuponly supported with VDI
Connect/Disconnect UIyes
USB device filtering (client side)yes
Isochronous Device Supportonly supported with VDI
Split device supportyes
Bloomberg Keyboard compatibilityonly supported with VDI
Smartphone synconly supported with VDI
USB 3.0yes
USB Redirection USB storage devicesyes
Unified Communications

Cisco UC Jabberonly supported with VDI
Avaya UC One-X Desktoponly supported with VDI
Mitel UCAno
Microsoft Lync 2013no
Skype for businessyes
Microsoft Teams RTAVyes
Multimedia Support

Multimedia Redirection (MMR)yes
Flash URL Redirection (Unicast/Multicast)only supported with VDI
Flash Redirectionno
HTML5 Redirectionyes
Directshow Redirectionno

vDGAonly supported with VDI
vSGAonly supported with VDI
Intel vDGAonly supported with VDI
AMD vGPUonly supported with VDI
Mobile Support

Client-side soft keyboardno
Client-side soft touchpadno
Full Screen Trackpadno
Gesture Supportno
Multi-touch Redirectionno
Presentation Modeno
Unity Touchno

Printer Redirectionyes
VMware Integrated Printingyes
Location Based Printingyes
Native Driver Supportyes

FIPS-140-2 Mode Supportyes
Imprivata Integrationno
Opswat agentyes
Opswat on-demand agentno
TLS 1.1yes
TLS 1.2yes
Session CollaborationSession Collaborationyes
Read-only Collaborationyes
UpdateUpdate notificationsno
App Store updateno

Smart Policiesyes
File Type Associationno
URL content redirectionyes
Browser content redirectionno
Remember credentialsno
Access to Linux Desktop - Blast Protocol Onlyonly supported with VDI
Audio Playbackyes
Seamless Windowyes
Launching multiple client instances using URIyes
Parameter pass-through to RDSH appsyes
Performance Trackeronly supported with VDI
Shortcuts from serverno
Pre-install shortcuts from serverno
Workspace ONE modeyes