Menu path: Setup > Network > VPN > OpenVPN > [OpenVPN Connection] > Proxy

Here, you can set up an optional proxy server for the VPN connection.

If you use a proxy, select the value tcp-client under Options > Communication protocol to the host.
  • Proxy type
    • None: Direct connection to the Internet.
    • HTTP: HTTP proxy will be used.
    • SOCKS: SOCKS proxy will be used.

Details for HTTP proxy

  • Proxy address: Name or IP address of the proxy server
  • Proxy port: Port on which the proxy service is available
  • Retry indefinitely when errors occur

    ☑ In the event of errors, repeated attempts to establish a connection via proxy will be made.

    ☐ No further attempts to establish a connection will be made (default).

Ceredentials for HTTP

  • Proxy username: User name for the proxy server
  • Proxy password: Password for the proxy server