Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Input > Touchscreen

Here, you can configure a touchscreen. To ensure that you can open the setup and navigate within it, the initial configuration should take place with a mouse and keyboard connected.

You will find an up-to-date list of the touchscreens supported by IGEL in the IGEL Third Party Hardware Database.

Enable touchscreen

☑ The touchscreen is enabled.

☐ The touchscreen is disabled. (Default)

Touchscreen type: Selects the touchscreen driver which is to be used.
Possible options:

  • "EvTouch (USB)"
  • "eGalax"
  • "Elo Multitouch (USB)"
  • "Elo Singletouch (USB)"
  • "TSharc"

You will find the complete list of supported devices in the IGEL Hardware Database.

Touchscreen already calibrated
If you enable the touchscreen function, the touchscreen must be calibrated first.

☑ Calibration starts automatically after each system boot. (Default)

☐ Calibration does not start automatically after each system boot.

Swap X and Y values

☑ X values are interpreted as Y values and Y values as X values. Enable this option if the mouse pointer moves vertically when you move your finger in a horizontal direction.

☐ X and Y values are not swapped. (Default)

Minimal X/Y value: These values are determined by the calibration tool. However, you can also change them manually. (Default: 0)

Maximal X/Y value: These values are determined by the calibration tool. However, you can also change them manually. (Default: 4000)

Untouch delay: The maximum permitted time (in milliseconds) between two instances of contact which are still registered as a single touch. When moving windows by drag & drop, for example, your contact with the screen may inadvertently be interrupted. Increasing this value prevents the thin client from recognizing two individual contacts if you let go in this way. (Default: 3)

Report delay: Determines how long (in milliseconds) the screen needs to be touched in order for the contact to be recognized. (Default: 2)

Emulate right button

☑ A right-click is generated by touching the screen for a long time.

☐ Touching the screen for a long time does not generate a right-click. (Default)

Right button timeout: Time (in milliseconds) after which a right-click is generated. (Default: 1000)

Set driver-specific defaults: Loads the preset for the driver currently selected under Touchscreen type. Click on this button once after changing the touchscreen type or to restore the default settings.


Graphic card: Graphics card assigned to the selected touchscreen. A graphics card can have more outputs than are actually used. In order to ensure transparency, you may need to assign the graphics cards manually.

If “Automatic” is set for the Touchscreen monitor and no configurable monitor is found for the selected graphics card, the next available monitor will be used by another graphics card.

Touchscreen monitor: Assigns a monitor connection to the touchscreen. Example: DisplayPort (Default: Automatic)

To set up a touchscreen and on-screen keyboard, proceed as follows:

Enable the on-screen keyboard for the touchscreen use under IGEL Setup > Accessories > On-Screen Keyboard; see On-Screen Keyboard.

The layout for the normal keyboard will also be used for the on-screen keyboard.

Calibrate the touchscreen for optimum contact recognition. The touchscreen calibration application can be found under Application Launcher > System.
In the calibration program, you will see a pattern with calibration points which must be touched one after another.