When you roll out the same Custom Partition contents to many devices, you may still want the application to use different data or options on some of the devices. Partition parameters allow you to do this.

This is how you add a partition parameter to our "Hello World" program.

Setting a Partition Parameter in the Setup

  1. Go to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Partition > Partition.
  2. In the Partitions Parameters list, click .
  3. In the dialog that opens, enter NAME as the Name and Alice as the Value. Click OK.
  4. Click Apply.

Getting the Value of a Partition Parameter

This is the command line for getting or setting a Partition Parameter's value:

customparam [get|set] PARAMETER_NAME [PARAMETER_VALUE]

  1. Change the hello.sh script to use this command to get the parameter value:

    gtkmessage -m "Hello $(customparam get NAME)!" -t "Hello" -o "Close"

  2. Click the Hello Application desktop icon.
    You should see the following: