Menu path: Setup > Sessions> RDP > RDP-Sessions > [Session Name] > Fenster

Here, you can specify the settings for the RDP session window.

  • Number of colours
    Possible values:
    • Global setting
    • 256
    • Thousands
    • Millions
  • Window size
    Possible values:
    • Global setting
    • Fullscreen: The session is shown on the full screen. The thin client's taskbar is not visible.
    • Workarea: The session is shown on the full screen, minus the area needed by the thin client's taskbar.
    • Numeric details: The session is shown in the selected resolution or on the selected percentage of the screen area.
  • Desktop scale factor: Specifies the desktop scaling in percent. This function is available from IGEL Linux Version 10.02.

    Desktop scaling is supported from Windows Server 2012 or higher and from Windows 8.1 or higher.

    Possible values:

    • Global setting (default)
    • Automatic: The resolution set under Setup > User Interface > Display > Options > Monitor-DPI will be used for the RDP session.
    • Numeric details: The display will be magnified by the factor given here. Value range: 100% - 500%
  • Display resolution
    Possible values:
    • Same as window size
    • Value selection: The session runs on the server side with the screen resolution selected here. The session will be shown on the thin client in the screen resolution set with the Window size parameter. If the screen resolution on the server side is smaller than the Window size, the display will be magnified accordingly and anti-aliasing may be used. Example: Applications that only work or work optimally with a specific screen resolution.
  • Start monitor: Specifies the monitor on which the session is to start.
    • No configuration
    • Selects a specific monitor
  • Multi-monitor fullscreen mode: This setting is relevant if more than one monitor is connected to the terminal:
    • Global setting
    • Restrict fullscreen session to one monitor.
    • Display fullscreen session on all monitors.
    • Expand fullscreen session across all monitors.