You can make the same settings in the IMPRIVATA_RDP (IGEL Setup > RDP > RDP Sessions > Imprivata_RDP) and IMPRIVATA_VMware (IGEL Setup > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Sessions > IMPRIVATA_VMware) sessions as in the standard sessions (see the description for RDP Session and Horizon Client Session).

IMPRIVATA_RDP and IMPRIVATA_VMware will be shown in the IGEL Setup when Imprivata is selected under Setup > Sessions > Appliance Mode, see Imprivata.

However, the changes under the following subsections will be ignored:

Imprivata_VMware Session

  • Connection Settings

You can also ignore the VMware protocol selected by the Imprivata appliance by activating the registry key imprivata.ignore_horizon_protocol under System > Registry. Instead, the local selection under Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Server Options > Preferred desktop protocol will be used.

Imprivata_RDP Session

  • Server
  • Logon