The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.06.100 can be found on our download server at as well as in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 11.06.100.

Login with Local User Password

Authentication with a local user password upon device startup can now be activated in the Setup under Security > Logon > Local User, see Local User.  The feature can also be activated during the initial configuration via the Setup Assistant, see Local Logon.

Names of Ethernet and WLAN Interfaces Changed

Names of Ethernet and WLAN interfaces have been changed. Apart from some symbolic occurrences, "eth0", "eth1", and "wlan0" have been replaced by so-called predictable network interface names. See "Predictable Network Interface Names (PNINs)" under LAN Interfaces.

Automatic Switch between LAN/Wi-Fi

If you have to frequently switch between LAN and WLAN networks, it is now possible to activate Enable Wi-Fi automatic switch under Network > LAN Interfaces > Wireless, see Wireless.

Support for EAP-FAST

You can now select "FAST" as EAP type and specify an anonymous identity and the way the PAC (Protected Access Credential) is delivered to the client. For details, see Authentication and Default Wi-Fi Network.

Proxy Settings

It is now possible to set up automatic proxy configuration and activate client-side NTLM authenticating proxy, see Proxy.

A Post-Session Command for Multiple Sessions

You can now define a post-session command for multiple session types, see Post Session.

Remote Management

The timeout for the "Apply changes" dialog is now 20 seconds by default. If the timeout is exceeded, the received settings will be automatically applied. The behavior is configurable under System > Remote management > Timeout, see Remote Management.

AVD: CUPS Printer Redirection

CUPS printers configured under Devices > Printer > CUPS > Printers can now be redirected to the AVD (former "WVD") session. See CUPS Printer Redirection.

TLS Encryption for Remote Syslog

For remote syslog, you can now activate the TLS encryption and configure the CA root certificate, see Logging. See also Logging and Log Evaluation.

AppliDis Sessions  

The AppliDis Client has been integrated, see AppliDis.

Amazon WorkSpaces Sessions

The Amazon WorkSpaces Client has been integrated, see Amazon WorkSpaces.

Parallels Client

Some configuration options for Parallels Client sessions have been added or updated, see DisplayLocal Resources, and Experience.


  • It is now possible to ignore the VMware protocol selected by the Imprivata appliance and to use the local selection, instead. See Imprivata: Session Customization.
  • There is now a registry key for setting a default AD domain for PIE agent, see "Useful Registry Keys" under Imprivata.

RD Web Access

It is now possible to save the username and domain from the last login, see Authentication.

Chromium Browser

  • The Chromium browser can now be configured to wait for a network connection before it starts automatically. See Desktop Integration.
  • The redundant Incognito mode switch has been removed; see Privacy.
  • File access (download and upload) has been optimized; see Security.

Device Encryption

IGEL OS 11.06 or higher offers strong device encryption that is derived from a user password. For details, see How to Deploy Device Encryption and the manual chapter Device Encryption.

Security: Timeout for Port 30022 (Secure Shadowing and Secure Terminal)

To avoid a denial of service attack by blocking port 30022, which is used for secure shadowing (secure VNC) and secure terminal connections, a timeout can be configured. For details, see Security: Timeout for Secure Shadowing and Secure Terminal.

Configurable Default Web Browser

You can define which browser will be chosen by the system, e.g. for opening Citrix Storefront. See Chromium Browser Global and Firefox Browser Global.

Conky System Monitor Added

The Conky system monitor displays current system data such as uptime, CPU frequency, RAM usage, and process-specific data. For details, see Conky System Monitor.

Suppressing Enterprise Management Pack Expiration Warnings

To prevent your users from being distracted by warnings about Enterprise Management Pack license expiry, you can suppress these warnings. For details, see How Can I Suppress Enterprise Management Pack Expiration Warnings?

Zoom Client Selection

You can select the Zoom client version to be used for the Zoom VDI Media Plugin.  For details, see Zoom Client Selection.

Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI Client Selection

You can select the desired client version to be used for Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI. For details, see Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI Selection.

Wildcard in Horizon Client USB Redirection Rules

You can use a wildcard symbol in device rules. For details, see USB Redirection.

Registry Parameters for Fixing Touchpad Issues

Some touchpad issues can be solved by adding or modifying parameters for the device driver. For usability, the parameter modifications are now accessible via the Registry of the IGEL Setup; see How Can I Fix Touchpad Issues?

Automatic Update Service for Evaluation Purposes

The automatic update service checks for available firmware updates periodically. The service is available for devices with an evaluation license. For details, see IGEL OS Automatic Update Service for Device Evaluation.