In the About window, accessible via the icon, you will find the following data:

  • Product: Information regarding the installed firmware
    • Copyright
    • Firmware Release Date
    • Firmware Version
    • Product ID
    • Product Name
    • Website
  • License Information: Expiration dates of available licenses  
  • Network: Computer name, hardware address, and IP address of the device
    • Local Name
    • Default Gateway (only with valid network connection)
    • DNS Server (only with valid network connection)
    • Universal Management Suite
  • Interface [number name]:
    • Description
    • Hardware Address
    • IP Address
    If the network status changes, the details will automatically be updated. To force an update, click on Refresh.
  • Hardware:
    • Boot Mode
    • CPU Model
    • Device Type
    • Flash Size
    • Graphic Chipset
    • Memory Size
    • Total Operating Time
    • Unit ID (equal to MAC address (UD, UDC) or serial number (UD Pocket))
  • Licensed Features: List with all firmware features for which a license is available

    You can copy individual entries via the context menu (right mouse button).