Since Linux version 10.03.100 it is possible to display the battery level of a mobile device via UMS. The frequency of the battery level reports sent by the device to the UMS can be adjusted: A report is triggered when the battery status has changed at a specified percentage compared to the previously reported status. The percentage is specified by the Battery status update frequency parameter.

Example use case: The IT administrator in a hospital has to take care of battery-powered medical devices. Using the new feature, he can easily keep track of all these devices via the UMS, without any need of physical access or mirroring VNC.

To adjust the report frequency:
  1. In Setup, go to System > Registry.
  2. Go to the system.remotemanager.battery_report_frequency registry key.
  3. Select the Battery status update frequency:
    • Often
    • Normal
    • Rarely
    • Very Rarely
    • Never
  4. Click Apply or Ok.