Here, you can add, edit, and remove policies for the Chromium sessions on your IGEL OS device. Please note that the custom settings always win over the IGEL Setup, i.e. if a policy is defined both here and in the Setup, but with different values, the value defined here is effective. 

For a complete list of available policies, see

Please note that the enterprise policy URL pattern format that is defined by Chrome is not fully supported by the IGEL Setup. 

Menu path: Sessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global > Custom Setup > Policies

Click on Add to create a policy.

Policy name

Name of the policy

Policy value

Value of the policy. If a list is expected by Chromium, the format is as follows:

  • List with several values: Use ';' as the delimiter, and add a ';' after the last list entry. Example:;;
  • List with one value: Add a ';' after the last list entry. Example:;
  • Empty list: Enter ';'. Example: ;

Example: If you want to block the websites and, define the following policy:

  • Policy name: URLBlocklist
  • Policy value:;;