When configuring Citrix sessions in IGEL OS, you can specify which version of Citrix Workspace App will be used for all StoreFront connections.

Menu path: Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Client Selection

Citrix client version

Selects the Citrix client version to be used for Citrix sessions. 

For the included Citrix client versions, see the "Component Versions" section in the IGEL OS release notes.

When using UMS profiles for configuration, make sure the firmware version the profile is based on matches the firmware actually installed on the device (see Creating Profiles). If they do not match and the client version selected via the profile is not included in the firmware, the client version will fall back to default.

After changing the Citrix client version, check the settings under:
  • Citrix > Citrix StoreFront > Server
  • Citrix > Citrix StoreFront > Login