• Integrated Citrix Workspace App 19.12
  • Available Citrix Workspace Apps in this release: 19.12 (default), 19.10, and 18.10
  • New registry keys:
    • Added a registry key for enabling full-screen banner "Citrix Desktop Viewer" when starting a Desktop or Application session.

      ParameterShow Citrix Desktop Viewer screen

      off / on

    • Added a registry key to enable usage of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) for Browser Content Redirection (BCR) [Experimental].

      ParameterUse Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)

      factory default / false / true

      "Factory default" means that can be set by config file.

    • Added a registry key to enable/disable Transparent User Interface [TUI] Virtual Channel [VC] protocol. The VDTUI protocol is enabled by default.

      ParameterEnable VDTUI protocol

      off / on

    • Updated libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 to version 2.26.1. It is now possible to enable debug output for Citrix Browser Content Redirection by running the script /config/bin/install-webkit-debug. The debug output is written to /var/log/user/webcontainer.debug. CAUTION: You can run only short sessions with enabled debug output because a lot of debugging data is written to the log file.


  • Updated Fluendo multimedia codecs to the following versions:
    gst-fluendo-h264dec - 18/09/2019 0.10.54
    gst-fluendo-vadec - 16/10/2019 0.10.210


  • Usage of 500 MB for the Imprivata data partition when flash is bigger than 2 GB.

OS 11 Upgrade

  • Add parameter to skip battery checking in OS 11 Upgrade.

    ParameterUse at your own risk! Turns Battery safety check into warning only. Any unbootable systems are on you.

    enabled / disabled

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Added support for shadowing via ICG.