Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Global > Performance

In this area, you can configure settings in order to improve the performance of the RDP session.

Enable RemoteFX

☑ Remote FX is enabled. (Default)

RemoteFX codec mode

Possible options:

  • Use server setting
  • Optimized for LAN
  • Optimized for WAN
  • Legacy mode

Hardware accelerated codecs AVC420/AVC444 (H.264)

Possible options:

  • Automatic: H.264 is activated automatically if supported by the device's hardware.
  • On: H.264 is activated, regardless of hardware support.

    For testing purposes only; this option can lead to display flaws.

  • Off: H.264 is deactivated.

 You can disable graphics functions which are not absolutely necessary.

Graphics settings that you can disable in order to improve performance:

Disable wallpaper

☑ Desktop background is disabled.

☐ Desktop background is enabled. (Default)

Don't show contents of window while dragging

☑ Window content will be hidden.

☐ Window content will be shown. (Default)

Disable menu and window animation

☑ Menu and window animation is disabled.

☐ Menu and window animation is enabled. (Default)

Disable themes

☑ Themes are disabled.

☐ Themes are enabled. (Default)

Disable cursor shadow

☑ Cursor shadow is disabled.

☐ Cursor shadow is enabled. (Default)

Disable cursor settings

☑ Cursor settings are disabled. No "unnecessary" mouse movements will be sent.

☐ Cursor settings are enabled. (Default)

Enable font smoothing

☑ Font smoothing is enabled.

☐ Font smoothing is disabled. (Default)


In low-bandwidth environments, you should use compression in order to reduce network traffic. Note that the use of compression reduces the burden on the network but does use CPU power.

☑ Data are compressed.

☐ Data flow is not compressed. (Default)