• "Green artifacts" problem in Citrix sessions (most probably) fixed.
  • Citrix hardware video acceleration supports the latest Intel hardware.

OSC Installer

  • Fixed issue with filesystems not always get detected correctly in initramfs OSC Installer (needed for using iso file boot parameter).
  • Fixed: username and password in the error message are not shown anymore when firmware file could not be downloaded.
  • Get URLs with username:password@ working.


  • Fixed error when renaming a non-empty shared folder.


  • Includes WVD client with fixed RDcoreSDK version.
  • Clipboard redirection has potential privacy and security risks and is therefore disabled by default.
  • IGEL WVD Client integrated

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed missing support for ThinPrint and Skype for Business when starting Horizon from Firefox browser.


  • Fixed Firefox block extension missing tabs created via command line argument.
  • Fixed rtsp media stream with enabled apparmor.
  • Show "blocked" page instead of closing tab when blocked page is viewed in Firefox.
  • Fixed functionality in the local setup to start the certificate manager of the Firefox browser.
  • Fixed functionality in the local setup to start the Firefox browser with the internal page to show the installed plugins
  • Fixed restart mechanism in the Firefox browser where the browser could not be closed on suspend resulting in a superfluous browser window on resume.


  • Improved Wi-Fi DHCP lease handling: Leases are discarded when the network changes. The former behavior caused problems with certain iPhone IOS versions.
  • 802.1X failures now generally result in falling back to a connection without authentication, e.g. also in the case of 802.1X settings that don't make sense at all. This only applies if the fallback is allowed of course.
  • wpa_supplicant now adds timestamps to entries of its log file.
  • Use e1000e driver out of the kernel as default instead of the third-party driver.
  • Added a registry key that determines whether lldpd is in receive-only mode.

    ParameterDisable sending LLDP packets

     If the behavior since 10.06.100 shall be preserved, this key must be set to "false".

  • Updated scep to version 0.7.0.


  • Fixed non-working Marvell WLAN device 8997 (SDIO version).


  • Added fix for NCP Secure Client.

genucard VPN

  • genucard 3 is supported now.


  • Control the visibility of the Horizon session control bar via registry parameter:
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Honor the Citrix Window Configuration in Imprivata Appliance Mode
  • Fixed Lock key and Tap out behavior. 
  • Fixed MS RDSH session.
  • Simplified the configuration of Imprivata FUS.
  • Enable the following if you use Imprivata versions above 6.3:

    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Fixed bug regarding Imprivata and On-Screen Keyboard.
  • Restore the keyboard map after Horizon sessions.


  • Fixed not working 90meter in Firefox when apparmor is active.
  • Fixed problem in smartcard resource manager PC/SC-Lite which caused disconnects of VMware Horizon sessions when using smartcards with certain applications.
  • Added driver for smartcard reader Elatec TWN4 CCID (USB 0x09D8:0x0425).
  • Updated cryptovision scInterface to version 7.3.1.
    The changes are:

    • Consolidated features of the last versions 7.2 and 7.1
    • Malta eID Release
    • Added Admin Card Gemalto V3
  • Updated PC/SC-Lite smartcard resource manager to version 1.8.26.


  • Fixed: Switching touchpad to other driver via IGEL registry key.

CUPS Printing

  • Added new version of Printerlogic Printer Installer Client.
  • Added new printer models into IGEL OS from the current CUPS drivers.

Base System

  • Fixed bug in folder generation of the Application Launcher.
  • Fixed TLS certificate verification problem of certificates signed by "USERTrust RSA CA" or "COMODO RSA CA". The problem could occur in clients like Citrix Workspace App and VMWare Horizon client.
  • Fixed password change with AD/Kerberos. Before this fix, the password complexity rules were not enforced for users with the Reset Password permission for their account.
  • You can now connect to Bluetooth devices without pairing. For this a new registry key is available.

    Parameterconnect devices without pairing
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Some devices do not connect automatically after reboot. To fix that, bluetoothctl connect \<device-ID> can be executed via script. If the device is connected (0) or not (1) can be seen in return value.
    Known devices that do not connect:

    • dialog semiconductor IoT Multi Sensor DK

  • SSHv1 support is now removed due to newer openssh libraries.

  • Forcing protocol version 1 via SSH Session > Options is no longer possible.

  • The network.ssh_server.server_key_bits registry key parameter is removed due to deprecation of SSHv1.

  • Updates systemd to Ubuntu Focal version.

  • Improved stability of mounting network shares when using a static network configuration.

  • Fixed apparmor cache issue after update with OSC installer.

  • Bug fix: touchscreen calibration on 1 or more normal screen with 1 touch screen environment.

  • Fixed syslog, kern.log, auth.log, and daemon.log entries are not shown in IGEL System Log Viewer.

  • Updated Grub2 to current Debian SID/Bullseye version 2.04.

  • Removed deprecated registry keys system.idlecommand.

  • New Bluetooth pairing tool and Bluetooth tray icon for Bionic.

  • Updated kernel to mainline version 5.4.48.

  • If used as master image, the image will expand itself to full size (limited to 16 GiB) on flash. This is done only on first boot and never again.

  • Possible rollout of initial settings, certificates or licenses placed on first partition for this you need to:

    1. Write image to your USB/Flash medium.

    2. Mount or simply access the 1. VFAT partition which is present (should be empty).

    3. Copy your setup.ini and/or **.lic files to the 1st partition (no directories).

    4. Create a ca-certs directory and copy your certificates into it. They will be copied to the /wfs/ca-certs directory on first boot.

    5. You can now copy the USB/Flash medium several times if needed.

    6. On first boot, the device will reboot out of the splash screen (reread changed partition table)

    7. The settings, certificates and/or licenses will get rolled out and deleted from the 1st partition.

  • Added initial support for Thunderbolt devices (only limited support here, may work but is not guaranteed).

  • Updated IGEL EULA.

  • Updated AMD Microcode to version 3.20191218.1.

  • Updated Intel Microcode to version 20200520 and a special update for J1900 devices.

  • Updated Intel Microcode to 20200616 version.

  •  Added a userspace oom killer to the firmware.

Firmware Update

  • An ongoing firmware update can now be canceled by the user when the network online status could not be reached after 10 seconds (since start of the firmware update).


  • Citrix hardware video acceleration supports the latest Intel hardware.

Storage Devices

  • Fixed mount issues with Iphone XR/XE/11PRO.
  • Mobile Device Access feature respects USB Access Control now. 
  • Fixed unwanted ownership change of automounted Linux filesystem root directories.

 X11 System

  • Fixed Display Switch not saving settings over reboot.
    • Default to settings from Setup instead of mirror when no Display Switch profile is available.
  • Prevent misconfiguration that picks GPU without render capability as primary (e.g. Displaylink).
  • Improved Nvidia with additional GPU handling.
  • Fixed error with single-gpu Nvidia card support.

X server

  • Fixed a Xorg crash due to a NULL pointer dereference in the Intel driver.

Window Manager

  • Fixed random login (greeter) window focus issues.


  • Added the "snapfb" option for the VNC server.

    Valueenabled / disabled
    InfoThis option should only be enabled with experienced delays in remote or shadowing
  • Improved security of the password authentication method - the VNC server does not require anymore a file holding the password. During client authentication, the server retrieves now the password from the IGEL Setup.

VNC Viewer

  • Fixed occasional freeze of shadowing session e.g. when resizing a window. Now the session gets unlocked again after about 20 seconds.

    ParameterUnlock X server in case of shadowing session freeze
    Valueenabled / disabled


  • Fixed no automatic resolution changes as virtualbox guest issue.


  • Fixed headset microphone using 3.5mm audio jack in Dell Wyse 3040.
  • Added possibility to set some snd_hda_intel kernel module parameter to overcome possible issues with sound devices.
    New registry keys:

    ParameterEnable Message Signaled Interrupt
    Valueenabled / disabled
    ParameterForce enable device
    Valueenabled / disabled
    ParameterPosition fix quirk
    Range[Default] [Auto (0)] [LPIB (1)] [POSBUF (2)] [VIACOMBO (3)]
    [COMBO (4)] [SKL+ (5)] [FIFO (6)]
    ParameterChange sound card order
    ParameterDetection of DMIC devices
    Range[Default] [Disabled] [Enabled]
    ParameterEnable this if you encounter sound card problems
    Valueenabled / disabled
    ParameterAutomatic power save timeout
    ParameterReset controller in power save mode
    Valueenabled / disabled
    ParameterChoose sound model to use
    ParameterIf you encounter sound problems try to choose one of the alternative masks
    Range[Auto] [1] [8]
  • Old settings. Command at startup removed.


  • Avoid deploying of the same Jabra Xpress package several times on the same Jabra device.


  • Evidian now triggers the regular Horizon session script.


  • Fixed non-working Prolific PL2303 USB-to-serial adapters.

TC Setup (Java)

  • Removed "default" button left of selection box IGEL Setup: Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Window > Multimonitor full-screen mode.

Remote Management

  • Fixed repeated firmware registering over the ICG which can occur after a new firmware was successfully registered in the UMS. The device invokes firmware registering again after every settings transfer from the device to the UMS. This behavior lasts until reboot.
  • Fixed syncing settings changed on the device if the UMS wasn't reachable.
  • Fixed handling of the structure tag if it was configured in the system dialog "UMS Registering".

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Maximum waiting time for a response from the ICG server can now be configured by the parameter system.remotemanager.rmagent_timeout (default: 90 seconds).


  • Shadowing notification is restricted to primary monitor and cannot be moved outside of the monitor's visible range.
  • Fixed sporadic connection failure in VNC server.
  • Fixed occasional freeze of shadowing session e.g. when resizing a window. Now the session gets unlocked again after about 20 seconds.

    ParameterUnlock X server in case of shadowing session freeze
    Valueenabled / disabled