You want to use an external NVIDIA graphics card for your endpoint device and need to connect it with all graphics outputs.


  • IGEL OS 11.04.100 or higher


  1. In the IGEL Setup, go to System > Registry.
  2. Set the registry key x.drivers.preferred_driver to nvidia.
  3. Enable the registry key x.drivers.nvidia.use_modeset. This registry key should be used if you want to use PRIME.
  4. Restart the device manually, e.g. by pressing the power switch.
  5. Under User Interface > Display, orient and position your monitors.
  6. For fine-tuning, use the Display Switch function, which can be enabled under Accessories > Display Switch. See Using Display Switch and Display Switch.

Then the onboard graphics ports as well as the ports of the NVIDIA card can be used, which is the recommended mode since everything is rendered on the NVIDIA GPU.