The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.07.100 can be found on our download server at as well as in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 11.07.100.

SecMaker Net iD Client Added

It is now possible to select the smartcard middleware SecMaker Net iD Client. The existing SecMaker Net iD middleware remains in the firmware, but it was renamed to "SecMaker Net iD Enterprise".
For more information, see:

Chromium Uses TLS 1.2 or 1.3

The Chromium Browser now requires TLS 1.2 or 1.3; lower versions are deprecated. See Encryption Settings for the Chromium Browser in IGEL OS.

Fabulatech USB Redirection Can Be Used with the Horizon Blast Protocol

You can now use Fabulatech USB redirection in VMware sessions that are based on the Horizon Blast Protocol.

No Add-On-Licenses Needed for Teradici PCoIP

You can now use the Teradici PCoIP client without purchasing an add-on license. For details, see Add-On Licenses.

Endpoint Devices Can Change the Values of Device Attributes

The values of device attributes can now be changed both by the UMS and the endpoint devices. For instructions, see Managing IGEL OS Devices by Device Specific Data - What Device Attributes Can Do for You.