Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Corporate Design > Background (1st Monitor)

Decorate the desktop background with predefined IGEL backgrounds, a fill color or a color gradient or define a custom background image. You can set up a separate background image for each monitor that is connected to the thin client.

Prerequisite: You have provided a custom background image on a server; see Background Image Server.

The file types BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG and SVG are supported for a background image. A total storage area of 25 MB is available for firmware customization images.
From IGEL Linux Version 10.03.500 both background images and background image server can be defined user-customized via Shared Workplace. Please note the following for this:
  • All user-customized background images will be saved on the thin client and therefore require a part of the available 25 MB storage space. Ensure that this storage limit is not exceeded. (When the storage limit is reached, all images except the one currently used will be deleted; with a new logon via Shared Workplace, the previously deleted images will be downloaded again until the storage limit is reached.)

    You will find further information on Shared Workplace and background images here:

  • IGEL Linux user manual: Shared Workplace
  • IGEL UMS user manual: Shared Workplace
  • How-To: Creating your own Wallpaper in the How-To Customizing the IGEL Linux Desktop

  • Wallpaper: Select one of the predefined background images from the following list:
    • neutral
    • disabled
    • black (4x3)
    • blue (4x3)
    • gray (4x3)
    • orange (4x3)
    • green
    • black (16x9)
    • blue (16x9)
    • gray (16x9)
    • orange (16x9)
  • Wallpaper Style: If you have set a custom background image, you can display it in a number of ways.
    Possible options:
    • Automatic
    • Centered
    • Tiled
    • Spread
    • Scaled
    • Zoomed
  • Color Style: If you have chosen two different colors as the desktop background color, you can define color gradients here. Possible values:
    Possible options:
    • Solid color
    • Horizontal gradient
    • Vertical gradient
  • Desktop Color: Click on Choose color to specify a custom background color for your desktop if you have not chosen a background image.
  • 2nd Desktop Color: Click on Choose color to specify a second background color for your desktop.
  • Custom wallpaper downlad

    ☑ You can set up a custom background image.

    ☐ No custom background image will be used. (Default)

  • Custom Wallpaper file: Name of the background image file

    If you would like to use a custom background image, you need to specify the download server under System > Firmware Customization > Corporate Design > Background (1st Monitor) > Custom Wallpaper Server. If you have already defined a server for the system update files, you can use the same server settings for downloading the background image.