To make sure that your upgrade can be successful, check the following warnings and notes; a warning symbol indicates that irreversible damage can be done to your devices.

Existing partitions: Any existing partition on the target drive of your device will be deleted. The installer will repartition the target device. The overall size of the newly created partitions will be calculated based on the available disk space. The minimum disk usage is 2 GB, the maximum is 16 GB.

No Downgrade

You cannot restore your IGEL OS 10 system once you have migrated to IGEL OS 11. The device storage is overwritten completely with a new partitioning scheme.

Features (e.g. Clients)

IGEL OS 11 does not have the complete feature set of IGEL OS 10. Make sure that the current version of IGEL OS 11 meets your requirements. For details, refer to the appropriate release notes.

Custom Partitions

The contents of Custom Partitions will be deleted by the upgrade. Make sure that the Custom Partition is restored after the upgrade has finished. Besides becoming dysfunctional after the upgrade, applications and kernel drivers in a Custom Partition might corrupt the upgrade. For this reason, make sure to first test the upgrade on a characteristic device.

Custom Commands

The persistence of custom commands cannot be guaranteed. Besides becoming dysfunctional after the upgrade, custom commands might corrupt the upgrade. For this reason, make sure to first test the upgrade on a characteristic device. In general, custom commands must be adapted for IGEL OS 11. We recommend that you disable custom commands when upgrading; you can enable them once the upgrade has been successfully completed.

Power Supply

Ensure that the device is not running on battery power, i.e. it must be connected to a power supply during the complete upgrade process.


All devices must be connected to a LAN or WLAN. LAN is the recommended option. The device will not be upgraded if OpenVPN, OpenConnect, mobile broadband, or genucard is configured. To be sure, check if the following parameters are deactivated resp. no session is configured:

  • Network > VPN Open VPN (registry: sessions.openvpn%)
  • Network > VPN > OpenConnect VPN (registry: sessions.openconnect%)
  • Network > Mobile Broadband, checkbox Enable Mobile Broadband (registry: network.interfaces.mobile_broadband.enabled)
  • Network > VPN > genucard (registry: network.interfaces.genucard_vpn_connector.autostart_enabled)

When you have changed the settings, restart the device to enable the upgrade.

Check List

(tick) The limitations and conditions are understood and do not constitute a problem.

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